Guinea Artiste Assistance Project

Gongoma crafted by Sango from
Les Etoiles de Boulbinet, 2.05
photo Lara Gonzalez

In our travels to Guinea, West Africa we have seen first hand how difficult it is to survive in a Third World country. 6 months of rain = plenty mosquitoes = much malaria. No work = no pay = no medicine. It's a vicious cycle in which we have lost several friends already. Thus, we are inspired to assist these artists and compadres who are a big part of our lives and inspiration, and have so generously shared their tools with us to help us evolve as professional artists.

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS and we ask for your patience and support as we work to clarify our vision. An unofficial advisor suggested - "The need is everywhere . . . you must test the waters gradually to make sure your well intentioned efforts will be effective". We have followed his advice with success so far. Here you will find details of our assistance experiments. We invite you to peruse these pages and get to know these faces because they are part of our family.

There is so much talent (and need) in Conakry, Guinea's capitol, that it is difficult to decide where to put our energy. It usually comes down to personal relationships. Click on the links below to learn more about these very special artists who have captured our attention and our hearts . . .

* Les Etoiles de Boulbinet * Cassette imports for sale + '07 news!

* Wamali Percussione de Guinee * T-SHIRTS for sale!

* Groupe de Sorel * LIVE CD for sale + '07 news!

* Mamoudou Delmundo Keita * CD for sale!

Disbursement of Funds
how the funds we raise are used

Connection to Guinea
An ongoing journal detailing our travels and experiences

Africa Sponsors to date
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