Yael Shacham has found a spot where
she can create and express herself while being true
to the instruments she has been studying for ten years.
Here she gets to showcase her knowledge of djembe,
songba, kenkene and shekere. She has rekindled her
love of dance after being in hibernation for years.
Thanks to spending time in Guinea, West Africa, Yael
experienced first-hand the incredible connection of
dance, drum and culture.

She has been co-arranging and creating with Lara for
some time. The two are very different souls, yet with
similar ideas. Both with love and passion for their art,
Lara and Yael flow musically through space.

With an open heart and soul, Yael is constantly evolving
as a performer by leaps and bounds as a result of this
artistic project.

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photo by Erin Mills

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